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How to lead a more sustainable lifestyle and why it matters

Updated: May 7, 2022

Hi everyone ♡

Today I wanted to write something about sustainability and share some tips on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle yourself.

Sustainability has become such an important topic lately and for good reason. It has become clear that the current way we're living isn't sustainable at all and we need to make a change now before it's too late.

Worldwide we use a considerable amount of (single use) plastic and that is a massive cause of pollution. Millions of tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean, even creating the so-called garbage patches, and can cause harm to animals; either by being mistaken for food or animals can get trapped. Not all plastic can be recycled either and it can take years for it to decompose.

Animal agriculture is not sustainable either. Besides the fact that billions of animals are being exploited and living in inhumane conditions, animal agriculture is responsible for the largest emission of greenhouse gases and therefore has detrimental effects on climate change. It also requires a lot of water and land to raise livestock, which could be used to grow crops to feed people directly instead of it being fed to animals. This way you could feed a lot more people while producing less greenhouse gases and saving water.

The (fast) fashion industry also has a negative impact on the environment. It's a major cause of water pollution, waste accumulation, greenhouse gas emissions, soil degradation and rainforest destruction. Not to mention the fact that most workers in factories are not being paid living wages and are being forced to work endless hours in unsafe and unhealthy conditions.

However, as consumers we have a possibility to make a change by being aware of the impact our decisions can have and therefore by opting for more environmentally friendly choices. If we are all willing to make some changes, we can really make a big difference.

Here are 15 tips to live a more sustainable lifestyle:

Adopt a plant-based diet

Bring your own bag to the grocery store/shops

Take your own reusable water bottle and/or cup with you

Eat locally and seasonally

Take public transportation/use a bicycle/walk or carpool

Say no to plastic straws

-Say no to plastic cutlery/bring your own

Buy fair-trade products

Buy less clothes and/or buy clothes from eco-friendly brands

Buy food in bulk

Pack your own lunch in a reusable container

Buy second hand clothes

Let your laundry air dry instead of using a dryer

Cut down on (food) waste

Go digital instead of using paper

Do you have any more tips on how to lead a more sustainable lifestyle?

Please comment below!

With love,


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