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Sustainable beauty swaps

Updated: May 7, 2022

Hi everyone

At the beginning of the year I've made a few New Year's Resolutions and one of them is to try to keep reducing my plastic usage. For the past two years I've already started to decrease my (plastic) waste, but there are still many ways to improve. That's why today I wanted to write a little something about sustainable beauty swaps. Living sustainably definitely doesn't mean having to give up your beauty products! These days there are a lot of sustainable alternatives to most, if not all, beauty products. Unlike regular beauty products, these products come in environmentally friendly packaging, are plastic-free/made of recycled plastic or are made of natural materials such as bamboo. For me, it's definitely a nice feeling knowing that (currently most of) my beauty routine is not only vegan, but isn't harmful to the environment either. I also think that a lot of sustainable alternatives are actually even more aesthetically pleasing than regular products. While that's certainly not the most important thing, it doesn't hurt either :)

Here's a list of sustainable beauty swaps to try out:

Reusable make up pads

Plastic free razor

Bamboo toothbrush

Body (scrub) bar

Plastic free deodorant

Toothpaste tablets

Shampoo bar

Conditioner bar

Menstrual cup

Reusable cotton swabs

Bamboo hairbrush

Which one(s) of these products do you use?

Are there any other sustainable beauty swaps that you use?

Lots of love,


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