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Review: Plainandsimple

Updated: May 7, 2022

Hi everyone ♡

I hope you're all doing well and have had a great year regardless of the still ongoing pandemic. I know it's been a while, but one of my New Year resolutions is to start writing more, but I figured, why not start a day early? So today I wanted to write a little review about a t-shirt that was kindly gifted to me by Plainandsimple, a fair fashion brand from the UK. They make basic t-shirts in black and white, for men and women. They are ethically made in India and you can even find information about the factories on their website. Most brands don't do this, usually for a reason, so that's definitely a big plus for me! The t-shirts are made of certified GOTS organic cotton and come in various sizes. For women from XXS to XL and for men from XS to XXL. I got the black tee in a size S. It's very comfy and I love the fact that there was no plastic involved whatsoever, from the label on the tee to the packaging. Everything is biodegradable. Even the t-shirt itself. However, a better alternative for the t-shirt, once it's worn out, would be to send it back so it can be remade into a new t-shirt and you get store credit. How cool is that? I really love this circular concept and I hope that more brands will follow this example. If you're looking to get yourself a new basic tee, I'd definitely recommend checking them out :)

Had you heard of the brand before?

What are your thoughts on this circular concept?

With love,


Fyodor approves 🐾

[this post contains gifted items]

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