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Review: Sine Natural Skincare

Hi everyone ♡

Today I wanted to write a little review about Sine Natural Skincare.

I'm honestly always a bit nervous to try out new skin care products, because I have combination/sensitive skin, which has a tendency to break out, get irritated and/or oily quite quickly. This is part of the reason why I prefer to use skin care products that only (or at least mostly) contain natural ingredients since these are usually more gentle on the skin. Another reason why I prefer using natural beauty products is that, after becoming vegan, I became more aware of basically everything that I buy and their (potential negative) impact on my health and the environment. This has made me want to try to avoid products, from cleaning products to beauty products, that contain chemical ingredients as much as I can. When it comes to skin care, I had already been using products from Lush for a long time since they seem to be working quite well for me, but after I was contacted by Sine Skincare, I was excited to give their natural skin care products a try.

Sine Skincare is an all natural skin care & vegan brand from the Netherlands. I've been using their products (I use the ones for oily to normal skin) for about six weeks now and I can honestly say that I've been very pleasantly surprised. Like I said before, I'm always a bit skeptical and nervous when using new products on my skin, but the products from Sine Skincare seem to be working very well for me. Their products have helped balance my skin and to reduce my oiliness without drying out my skin. I use their face mask about once a week, usually on the weekends. I especially like putting the mask on after using my facial sauna for, what to me feels like, maximum absorption into the skin. My face always feels extra refreshed, nourished and clean after using it. For me personally, the facial scrub (or any facial scrub for that matter) is a bit too rough to use on my face, but I really like using it as a body scrub and for my hands. Like I've already said before, the products contain only natural ingredients, which is definitely a big plus for me. The list of ingredients is even listed on their website, along with a short description of each ingredient. This way you don't only know exactly what you're putting onto your skin, but also how it's supposed to benefit your skin. Another plus for me is the sustainable packaging. As you can see in the middle picture above, their packaging is eco-friendly as well, which is so much better than the plastic that many companies unfortunately still use. All in all, from my personal experience, I definitely recommend giving the products from Sine Skincare a try if you're looking for new, all natural and vegan skin care products.

Had you ever heard of Sine Skincare before?

Would you give their products a try?

With love,


[this post contains gifted items]

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